Bike Info & Rentals

Our Bikes

For all our tours we use well-known makes of mountain, hybrid or road bikes (depending on the tour) with lightweight alloy frames, 24- to 27-speed gearing, brakes and Shimano components. Mountain bikes all have front suspension.

In Vietnam we have a fleet of Trek 3900 ,4300 ,7200, Gaint mountain bikes. hybrid bikes and and Domane 2 road bikes. Our bicycles are available in sizes ranging from 13 inches to 22 1/2 inches or 47 cm to 62 cm.. Please note that a certain frame model is not guaranteed.

On most of our tours we include bike hire in the tour price, we offer bike hire as a supplement in case you prefer to bring your own bikes. Prices vary depending on the length of the tour and the country, please check the tour itinerary ( included or not included ) for the hire cost.

Bikes for General Rental

Bikes are also available for general rental from our offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on an availability basis. There is a small chance that all our bikes are out on tour and we will then be happy to assist you with finding a bike elsewhere.

In case you want to go it alone or just need a bike for a day, the following are rental prices per day from Hanoi or Saigon .

No. of Days Rental Mountain bike price per day in USD Road bike price per day in USD
1-7 USD 15 USD 25
8-14 USD 13 USD 23
15-21 USD 12 USD 22
22+ USD 10 USD 20

We require a cash or credit card deposit of USD 400 for each bike rented.

We offer free for helmets and water bottle for each bike rental

Our bikes are renewed every two seasons and are always fully serviced before a trip. We always carry spares for every emergency and plenty of extra tubes.

We supply helmets with all our rental bikes but you may want to consider bringing your own if you are taking a long tour as helmets are a personal item.

On all our tours we provide a water bottle, which you are welcome to keep at the end of your tour. Each bike comes with a single water bottle cage, if you prefer more you are welcome to bring your own. If you have your own saddle that you are comfortable with you are welcome to bring it and we’ll fit it. On long tours women specific seats are recommended.

We can provide toe cages if requested and available, but you might like to consider bringing SPD clip pedals if you use them. If you do bring your SPD pedals, please make sure to bring your shoes and cleats.